Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) Resources

ADD/ADHD is a fairly common disorder that affects approximately one percent of the adult population. It is characterized by the individual's short attention span, distractibility and, in the case of ADHD, by their hyperactivity or restlessness.

Until recently, many people believed this to be only a childhood disorder - something people grow out of as they mature. In fact, although attention problems always start in childhood, they don't end there. Between one third and half of all ADD/ADHD patients will continue to experience impairing symptoms throughout their adulthood.

While most people will experience some of the symptoms at certain times during life, a person with ADD/ADHD experiences them on a constant basis and to a degree that they are significantly impaired by them.

Adults with untreated ADD/ADHD are often under-employed because of their difficulty organizing their time or focusing on more than one thing at once. Interpersonal relationships are also affected as friends and family members often perceive the individual as irresponsible and insensitive.

The exact cause of ADD/ADHD is still unclear, but both genetic and environmental factors are thought to be involved.

The disorder does not stem from an unstable upbringing, poor diet or chaotic events in a child's life.

Okanagan Clinical Trials has experienced physicians who can provide treatment for ADD/ADHD at our Kelowna facility. There are several options, which should be discussed. Generally, a combination of medication and education is the most effective.

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