Bipolar Disorder Resources and Clinical Trials on Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder (often called manic depression) is an illness that affects between one and two in every 100 adults and causes a cycle of dramatic mood changes. Periods of profound depression are offset by periods of extreme happiness or mania. Some people experience less extreme periods of mania (called hypomania). These radical mood changes occur differently for every person who experiences bipolar disorder, however a distinctive quality of the illness is that the moods are out of step with the things going on in the sufferer's life.

When an individual experiences a manic episode, it usually involves a combination of symptoms. The individual is often excessively euphoric with abnormal feelings of power and confidence. Mania often involves increased energy, racing thoughts, extreme irritability, uncharacteristically bad judgment, increased sexual drive, less need for sleep and restlessness. Manic behavior can be impulsive, reckless and sometimes dangerous.

The other end of the mood spectrum in bipolar disorder is depression. While in the depressed state, patients experience symptoms similar to those of other depressive disorders.

Treatment for bipolar disorder is available at our Kelowna facility. It is not treated in the same way as depression so it is important to have a detailed diagnosis. Many of the medications used for depression can be harmful to a person with bipolar disorder. Usually, a combination of therapy and medication is used for bipolar disorder. The most common medications include Lithium, Valproate, anticonvulsants and atypical antipsychotics. Fortunately, at Okanagan Clinical Trials we have experienced physicians who can provide a thorough assessment and diagnosis after which we will discuss with you all treatment options for bipolar disorder before choosing the most appropriate course of action for you.

We are pleased to bring you a personal diary on bipolar disorder.

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