Depression Treatment in Kelowna

What are the common treatments for Depression?

A variety of treatment options exist for individuals experiencing depression at any age. Usually, a combination of medication and cognitive-behaviour therapy is the most effective. It is important to discuss all options with your doctor before deciding which will be the most effective for you.

Some of the options are listed below:

Medication is a common tool in the treatment of depression. This type of treatment is often supplemented with other helpful tools such as therapy, education and healthy lifestyle tips.

Psychotherapy -- more commonly known as counseling or talk therapy—is the most common treatment for depression. Many styles of therapy are available for a person to use to help overcome his or her depression.

Lifestyle Changes
Changes in your lifestyle, including diet, exercise, and more, are effective ways of complimenting your other depression treatments.

Combination Therapy
Combination therapy uses more than one method to address depression symptoms.


If you live in Kelowna and are experiencing depression, treatment is available. Contact us for a thorough medical assessment and more details about treatment options.

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