Erectile Dysfunction Resources and Clinical Trials on Erectile Dysfunction

ED is the inability for a man to achieve or sustain an erection. Simple aging is one common cause of sexual dysfunction as the body's amount of testosterone decreases, but aging is not the only cause of ED in men. Sometimes, these symptoms can be early warning signs of heart trouble or other physical ailments or they can result as symptoms of a psychiatric illness such as depression or anxiety.

Sexual dysfunction can also occur as a side effect of certain medications. Many of the commonly used SSRI antidepressants cause delayed ejaculation as a side effect.

Another common reason for sexual dysfunction is simple performance anxiety. This could occur as situational anxiety about the act of sexual intercourse or the relationship or couls be an extension of an anxiety disorder.

Other contributing factors could include an unsatisfactory relationship, self doubt, low self esteem, fear, previous negative sexual experience such as rape, lack of knowledge about sexuality or fear of interruptions (such as chilren bursting into the room).

Feelings of guilt about the situation, physical discomfort, use of alcohol or drugs, difficulties becaue of physical illness or feeling run down or tired are also all situations that could lead to problems in sexual function.

Determining the cause is an important first step in treatment. Once this is established, ther are a number of different medications on the market designed to treat erectile dysfunction that results from physical barriers.

Treating underlying illnesses, therapy and sex education are other ways to deal with the problem of sexual dysfunction.

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