Now Offering Memory Clinics 

Are you concerned about your memory? We can help! We are now providing comprehensive cognitive assessments, giving you the ability to monitor your mental health as closely as you do your physical health.              


Who We Are and What We Do

At Okanagan Clinical Trials, we conduct clinical trials that look for new and better treatment options for conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.  Through her clinical research, our resident neuroscientist, Dr. Kim Christie has become aware of a growing need for cognitive assessments in our aging population.  Our comprehensive assessments will allow individuals to explore the issues or concerns they are currently experiencing.

What's Involved?

Dr. Christie and staff will conduct standardized cognitive tests in order to provide you with a report of your strengths and weaknesses.  These tests can analyze many different aspects of your cognitive functioning and allow you to follow your progress over time.

The medical profession has been working hard to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.  As a result, individuals are encouraged to begin taking an active role in managing their mental health.  One simple step you can take is having your memory assessed on a regular basis.  If you are concerned about your memory, you can call 250-862-8141 or email Dr. Christie at ( to book an appointment.


Current Studies

 Alzheimer's Disease 


 Parkinson's Disease





 Interested in participating? Call us for more information!